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Teaching: Background

My teaching experience includes drawing and painting classes at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, the University of Cincinnati and at the historic Women's Art Club in Mariemont. I have offered various workshops for groups and organizations as well as private instruction in my 100-year-old, north lit studio in Eden Park. My summer landscape classes have the additional appeal of being taught in Cincinnatiís many beautiful parks.

My style of teaching is rooted in the "Boston School" manner of painting. The Boston School is a tradition of time-honored techniques that blend solid academic drawing with beautifully seen impressionistic color. In this tradition, emphasis is placed on accurate drawing with sensitivity to form and edges, brilliant light effects, vibrant color and overall unity.

I teach the "grammar of painting." My method is a return to a hands-on, skill-based curriculum that gives students real tools to communicate visually. This teaching caters to the particular needs of each student, often showing by example. I hope to pass on my love of painting and its history through many historical references and quotations from the great painters past and present.

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