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Teaching: Taking Classes

If you are interested in taking classes, private instruction, or scheduling a demo / workshop for your group you may contact me directly at 513-479-3322 or email.

Comments by some of Richard's students:

"Richard is a full spectrum teacher that can speak from broad experience on both a theoretical and practical level. Beginners will benefit from friendly, simple instruction, based on a foundation that will allow anyone, a dabbler or serious student, to build on their acquired skills. Students with more experience will benefit from a critical evaluation of their composition and painting skills. Richard will critique, put his brush to the canvas and challenge you to see nature differently. Although the primary objective of the class is to study plein aire painting technique your studies show your progress with results that you will be proud to display. Richard has built a loosely coupled community of budding artists who enjoy working with him and with each other."

  - John Connors, student of the Landscape Class
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